My first Tech Trivia Night!

On 25 July, 2017 I attended my first ever Trivia Night at the Facebook Seattle office. What made the event more interesting to attend was the theme — “Women in Tech”.

For the longest time, I was apprehensive of attending a Trivia Night because I did not know if I would contribute much. Since the theme was something I was fairly comfortable with, I decided to be a part of some evening madness. After getting through the event, I realized how much I have been missing it out on! Read on to understand why…

Facebook Seattle hosted its first women in tech trivia event at its stunning sundeck on a sunny Seattle evening. Check out the view of Downtown Seattle from the sundeck on the featured picture! (Lesson: You get fabulous views during tech trivia nights during summer)

(L) Jennifer Margolis and (R) April Wixom


Facebook’s very own April Wixom and Jennifer Margolis were on the mic, adding some fun and flare to the engaging trivia questions. The environment provided the right balance to unwind and meet like-minded women who enjoyed tech history as much as I did. There was serious competition in the air as each team was competing to win some Facebook Growlers, shot glasses and other Facebook swag. They were all equally capable and it was incredibly exciting to see who did the best at the end of each round. The team effort put forth to answer each question was my favorite part of the evening. (Lesson: It’s okay to not know all the answers!)

The Trivia night consisted of five parts — (1) True or False, (2) Women in Tech and History, (3) All things Computer Science, (4) Movie Quotes, and (5) Picture round based on Facebook Open Source Projects.

Each round consisted of ten questions. The first round was not something we were particularly proud of, but it was interesting nevertheless! The questions included “The color orange was named after the fruit” and “Can turtles breathe through their butt?”. We got 6 out 10. But I think I learned the most during this round. (Lesson: Quirky facts that you take back home will result in a lot of time being spent on learning new facts!) Don’t you love when that happens?

What followed is something my team and I are incredibly proud of. We got our women in tech and history, and computer science questions all right! Not that it validates what we do but that is how much we have been inspired by reading about the field. If there is one thing I believe in (disregarding all the fake news articles that we are presented with these days):

You are what you have read.

The questions were about prominent figures such as Grace Hopper, Anita Borg, Margaret Hamilton and other techs such as Enigma, ENIAC, etc. Jennifer thoroughly enjoyed hosting the round on movie quotes, voicing each one the way the character does. From Casablanca to The Wizard of Oz, from A Streetcar Named Desire to The Titanic. We did surprisingly well in said round as well! (Lesson: You will surprise yourself at Trivia Nights!) The final round of picture quotes was gripping. We got the questions right by simply reading code though we were not fully aware of all the (Awesome!) Open Source projects that Facebook has going. Though we did not entirely make up for the points we lost in the first round, we ended up in fourth place and experienced a fun evening geeking out. (Lesson: Life is so much easier when you have well-commented source code) Here is a list of all the open source projects Facebook has made available to the public.

It was a memorable event with friends (old and new), good food and a stunning view of Downtown and  Lake Union. There were times when I did not know the answers to questions, there were times when I forgot, but my time was not wasted. Don’t deprive yourself of all the learning and fun you can have at trivia nights the way I did for the last couple of years.

Could not make it out to a Tech Trivia? Keep an eye out on my Twitter feed for a similar event. The organizers at Facebook are also determined to put out something more challenging in the near future! Or just head out to learn new things about anything under the sun!