for Teaching Assistant interactions

Oftentimes there are situations where students do not ask questions in a public setting, fearing the way they would be perceived by their peers. As a Teaching Assistant, it could prove to be hard when you are motivated to share a wealth of knowledge but you do not receive any feedback from the class on topics that are hard to grasp.

To tackle this gap and to encourage students to ask questions through a medium most comfortable to them, the use of mobile/web applications to increase audience interaction can prove to be fruitful. While doing my research, I chanced upon an app called Though this is usually used at conferences, was very helpful in engaging my students to ask the questions they would otherwise not raise. By monitoring my feed in real-time, I could answer the most “Upvoted” questions and archive the ones I have answered.

Here is a small How-to post that I sent across to my class on how to use it.

EE447: – HOW TO

  1. Download the app on your mobile phones/tablets (or) enter in a browser of your choice.

If using app on mobile/tablet device:


If on browser:


  1. An event code will be provided to you for the class
  2. Once you are logged into your event, the following screen must appear.

If using app on mobile/tablet:


If on browser:




  1. Click on ask button to the right bottom and type question in. Screenshots to follow are from mobile application but everything works similarly on browser.


  1. Once the question is sent across, the rest of the class will be able to view the question and “upvote” it (similar to Stack Exchange/Reddit)


Please make sure you upvote a question that is important to understand what is to follow in class. This will work only through enough participation from all of you.


  1. Another option available on the app is Polls. We may not use this feature but it is certainly good to know about it. Only the person who creates the event will be able to create a poll and view the results/infographics.

Hope this helps you create an enhanced learning experience for your students.


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