Google AutoDraw – The perfect tool for creative minds who can’t draw

Google released a web app, approximately a month ago, that brings to life the inner genius in even the most cack-handed artists. Introducing (albeit a little late) AutoDraw!

AutoDraw is an experiment by Google in the artificial intelligence domain, where the system uses machine learning to predict well-defined images by analysing your slapdash squiggles. The predicted visuals are created by talented artists and the dataset is constantly growing to include classes.

Google gathered information to train a neural network by using Quick, Draw! By having the community provide different variations in a drawing for a particular object, Google trained a robust system that combines the classic fields of art and machine learning.

The app is easy to use. Once the user draws on a blank screen, AutoDraw pairs the drawing with potential submissions from talented artists. The user simply has to choose the right prediction from the toolbar and, Voila! The crudely drawn creation of the user’s work is replaced with a rather slick version of it.

Google allows artists to submit their best drawings to expand the dataset, all while teaching the machine to improve its performance. AutoDraw is a creative tool that allows amateur users to create posters or colouring books.

Here is a video of my fun experience with AutoDraw.


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